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Free hack Destruction M cheats code list - weapons, rank up, gold, promo ticket, materials, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Destruction M cheat world: in 2050, conflicts among countries were becoming more and more serious because of shortage of weapons, gap between the rich and the poor, and discrepancies in religious believes. That was the time terrorism prospered and permeated into all countries in the world. Terrorism became so influential that any leader of a country was greatly concerned about his own safety. Exposed to war and conflicts for too long, the whole environment was damaged and full of danger. Fatal weapons and facilities could be seen everywhere. In order to improve the situation, a mysterious organization activated a plan - project X.

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This mysterious organization summoned talents all over the world to create a team of super soldiers based on the DNA of the elites, as well as all kinds of weapons. These super soldiers successfully solved disputes around. Project x brought peace to the world. Then the organization shut down the AI which could manage the whole organization, temporarily ending the project and closing down the base. The super soldiers were put the sleep. Until one day many years later, unknown objects invaded the base and prompted the self defense system. All of a sudden, the alarm went off and AI woke up these super soldiers...

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Warning, intruders detected! Soldiers, get ready and defend the base. The general power of the base is not activated yet. The analysis function is unavailable. Please defend the base. Please use the weapons at hand to attack. Remember that you are super soldiers with super power. Every individual is equipped with special skills to eliminate enemy efficiently.

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Your team - the red toon is under your control. Press another toon to switch. Kill enemies for a specific amount. To activate the system in the central control room, you need to find the key hidden in the base. Find the target item in the map and get it. Years ago when the base was closed temporarily, the key to the central control room was hidden somewhere inside the base. In order to activate my system completely, you need to acquire the key to the central control room. There are many intruders outside. Please get ready for combat.

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