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Detective S Game story: five years ago, my dad who was a detective passed away. To be precise, he was killed by a serial killer he was chasing. The only thing left was the only clue to the killer that Dad found, the “wooden button with a snake carved on it.” I believe the police would catch the criminal, but they were incompetent. With the meaningless passing of time, Dad was gradually forgotten from the world. So, i decided to catch the criminal myself and i became a detective. Then one day, and unexpected clue came out while investigating the requested case. It was the “wooden button”! He’s still killing people. If you follow this wooden button, you’ll be able to find the killer. I will find the killer who killed Dad!

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Hi, i’m Detective S. I’m looking for the serial killer of the woodcarving button who killed my dad. If you want to find the criminal with us, please use cheat code and press the start button!
When i followed the letter’s address, this is where the murder occurred. Is this the first stage in the letter. First, shall we identity the outline of the case? Once we have all the information about the case, we have to move to the crime scene. You can move by pressing the lower right note button. You can say that this note is where the case is recorded. If you want to see information related to the case press the file button to check it anytime.

Detective S cheats, hack codes

That must be the victim’s profile. You have to identify the victim to solve the case. From now on, you have to check the crime scene and collect the evidence. There is a time limit, so hurry up. If you touch the place other than the wrong picture, time will be deducted, so be careful!
Second - is the profile of the first suspect. You have to watch the suspect’s profile carefully. You have completed collecting the evidence for the crime scene.
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Description: the serial killer who killed Dad is back! Solver the truth of the wooded button and arrest the criminal! Someone is lying! For suspects who appear in each case. The criminal always leaves a trail! Collect the evidence scattered around the crime scene to solve the case. When the investigation records are piled up, the hidden truth is revealed.

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