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Damned old foo, i must leave the mountain today, or i’ll wait for no moment to kill myself. With poor aptitude and ugly look. It’s a great shame for me! As the ninja lord, i have lifelong reputation. I regret having you as my apprentice!
I’ve never seen such a master who claims himself as the eighth generation of Swastika Vale and the guardian of justice. Shouldering a great mission is a total lie!
Since you’ve grown up, come along with your broadsword. You’ll have a chance to see this cruel world!

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Brats, the next thing i said, will only make you happy that you are still alive. As you can see, after losing the order, the world has been torn into countless puzzles by carious forces.
It’s hard to survive in this chaotic world? Since you want to die, i’ll help you meet your goal! but you must go through the trial first. Recently there’re always Ninjas from the royal court. If you can wipe out them, i’ll say you’ve passed the trial.

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The combat will start soon. Now let me tell you something about combat. Right bar - the order of launching attack here. Who are at a higher position can move earlier.
If you don’t defeat all enemy units before enough rounds finish, you will lose the combat.
Top bar - right here, you can see the number of enemy squads.
Summon - Dozens of ninjaland heroes have survived in this world. They’re concealing somewhere and waiting for the war.
Devil Clash wiki
Equipping 4 pieces of gear of the same set activates the corresponding special stats bonuses. Different heroes need different sets to fully exert their own actual strength. Convertation 4+2, 2+2+2 for the extreme, and combinations of non set equippable items for sheer stats are all possible.
heroes can play 6 roles including tank, warrior, assassin, mage, shooter and supporting. SO teamwork is the top priority!

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • It's amazing to stay up late, but it's more important to keep healthy!
  • It costs a lot of black iron ores to enhance gear. You may smelt gear to gain black iron ores! Don't waste anything.
  • If you are in want of gold, just tap on the cheat button beside the icon of gold.
  • No heroes can be at a higher level than yourself.
  • Linking different light spots increases the chance to gain heroes when trying to summon them.
  • Gear enhancement level cannot be higher than player level. So keep leveling up. Enhancing the items equipped by characters is the most efficient way to improve actual strength of heroes.

Devil Clash tips
Hack cheats tutorial Devil Clash(wiki): Instructions:
If equip different quality set, lower quality set will get attributes.
When you have no idea about which stage to explore next, just tap on the “recommended stage”. Our help system is ready to help you at any time. occupy higher stage, increase grinding earnings.
Once you get a hero that you already have, it will be directly transferred into shards.
When your zone occupation degree meets the certain requirements, you can collect handsome rewards.
Devil Clash tutorial

Tips to enjoy special rewards Devil Clash: gold, gift box, legendary summon scroll, shards.

What is Devil clash? being cartoon type, it’s designed for ninja lovers! It’s said ninja scrolls, with mystic powers,was shown up in mortal world. Thus, adventure starts! Hurry up and choose powerful Ninja to start the adventure.
Devil Clash tips to repair
Very few people know that every summoning point in the summoning circle has mysterious power.
Grinding is an important way for heroes to earn experience. Grinding can also award other awesome rewards. how and where enter
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