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Basics: it’s your turn. Pick a card from your hand. Monster - receive a reward for rolling a successful hunt dice and hunting a monster. Pick a card that meets the hit dice requirements. Ap increases as your hero levels up and you can upgrade skills. Heal HP of heroes when they land on a food block. Land on the portal and be teleported to the opposite portal. Step on a trap and the character’s health points will be reduced. Catch your opponent’s hero to imprison them at your base.

Dicast Rules of Chaos hack

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If you are imprisoned, you will lose all buffs and rest a turn. If you want to jailbreak, you must roll a successful Jailbreak dice. When you return to your base, your unit will level up, and the base skill will activate. Land on an attack block to attack the opponent. Gain gold, use gold to buy cards after landing on the shop block. Item chest - receive a special card after landing on chest block. Spell book - a variety of spells in the spellbook will activate.

Dicast Rules of Chaos cheats, hack codes

Skills: got you - upon successful monster attack, Exer’s AP increases by monster’s level. Blocked - there’s a chance to decrease the damage received by 15%. Take this - a chance to deal additional damage equal to 50% of AP. Entanglement - upon a successful attack, IVY will entangle the opponent and reduce their movement. Monster enhancement - decreases the number of dice shown to enemies that meet the monster and when an enemy is attacked by a monster, a vine is created, hindering movement.
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Passive cards will automatically activate when they’re needed. The special combo card does not consume a turn. Create your own card combos. If you succeed in hunting high level monsters, you will receive powerful rewards. Victory after exhausting your opponent’s HP. A new title - you can select it from the profile menu.

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