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Dice of Legends cheat world: welcome, hero! It's a game that you will win by using dice and cards to make your opponent's life less than zero. Let's learn how to play games by following a simple tutorial. Move - you can roll the dice to move your character. How to use a card - you can use cards once movement phase is done. Available cards will be indicated with green edge.

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You can check card details with long press and also drag it to use. End turn - once all actions have been done on untill end of turn, you can press the end turn button to pass turn. Arrive at a friendly location - you will receive an additional card when you reach the friendly cell. Close combat - basic battle will be started when you are on the same cell with your enemy. Your champion will deal damage based on its attack power.

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Unable to end turn - you have available cards to use. The basic training is over. The next step is to use the Hela character to learn more about advance technique. Mulligan - at the beginning of the game, you will receive three random cards from your deck. You can exchange any number of cards for others.

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At the beginning of each turn, maximum mana will be increased by 1, receive gold equal amount of your placed minions. Equipment shop - once you return to the starting point, you will be able to use shop. In the shop, you can purchase equipment that improves the champion's ability with gold.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: dice control - you can now control your dice. You can use it by holding down the roll button and adjusting the upper indicator to the desired range. Press and realease the rolling while the pointer is at 4-6 area on upper indicator. Once the match is over, you can get rewards based on the results. Rewards can not be obtained in the tutorial.
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Tutorial Dice of Legends (wiki): Match reward - once the battle is over, you will receive certain amount of experience point to raise your level regardless of match result. Win reward - if you win a battle, you will recieve a victory card pack and GP. Victory in match is very important in order to acquire various rewards.
Thank you for your efforts. You have completed the tutorial. Gather up your cards and enjoy match with other players.
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