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. Android game Dice superstar cheat hack code - premium gift box, gold coins, starter pack, gem crystal, epic cards, unlimited skills (New York, Unated state).

Hey, boss! Global stars are waiting for you. The key of business success is money! Shall we go on world tour with stars? You can use Poly when you pay and total assests are the sum of your Poly and concerts. If you roll double 3 turns, you have to enter studio and cannot move for 3 turns. Global TV station – you can broadcast your concerts over the world and increase concert entrance fees. You can upgrade a concert you are holding at the departure. We can raise the concert entrance fee by holding awards ceremony. Random map – in this place, you can pick up one of lucky, ceo, unluck card at random. It's exciting to see what card you will get. A cahrter in my life – we can go anywhere we want next turn.

Dice superstar cheats android, ios hack codes

Dice superstar  –  hack codes
Hold concerts in all cities of the same line and get the monopoly effect. Monopoly immediately increases the concert entrance fees. The higher the monopoly effect of the star card, the more entrance fee increase. Don't miss out free and premium boxes! You can receive a free box every 4 hours, and a premium box once a day when you win the world tour. The quality of the gifts varies depending on your CEO grade. Skill typhoon – with this skill, you can force your opponent to move one block backward. Get a free box every 4 hours! You can also get a prize box once a day if you win 3 times (the higher CEO grade, the more golds and star cards in the box).

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Dice superstar –  cheats secret bug
Complete all three steps of tutorials and get a r class star card. Unlock the voice of the singer characters! You can play with hearing the singers' voice during the game. If the player makes a good guess of the number on the screen, she or he will be exempted from the donation. Star card shop – meet 3 stars at the star card shop every day! 3 tars appear randomly at 00:00 every day. R class card can have own skills. You can use the R class skill only once during the concert. Expand the menu – tere are various information.

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1. z7OuPPPCbE – premium gift box
2. cOZ3W0BQJP – gold coins
3. MwFJLrSyPP – starter pack
4. OO0wBkFwjx – gem crystal
5. z5TgUvez2U – epic cards
6. YdH9KhAT0D – unlimited skills

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