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DicTater 4X Potato Game controls: You have struck down the oppressors of Russet kind in the local land, and now you have been unanimously selected to be leader of the Russets. But as the great leader of a great nation, you have a lot of responsibilities! But as the great leader of a great nation, you have a lot of responsibilities! Let’s first build a farm. Tap one of your owned provinces that doesn’t have a building, and click the build button.

DicTater 4X Potato hack

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When you’re building a construction, you must have a free builder and enough development cap. You can increase these via research. You have enough development and builders. Select the farm option. Farm - cultivate potatoes for the good of all. Their lives will fuel your cause, perhaps literally.
Build an army - go click on the military panel at the bottom of the screen. You can only have so many troops based on your force limit. Training also costs potatoes. So be careful!

DicTater 4X Potato cheats, hack codes

Training troops can take a lot of potatoes! There are a lot of ways to get more potatoes, like farms, tapping, and attacking provinces. Remember to keep your potato count up! Every day, you lose potatoes due to sacrifice to the potato deities. Make sure to pay attention to your potato count! Speaking of tapping, try tapping on your capital to get potatoes.
We need to get more land! But before we do so, we should make use of our spytatoes. Tap any province that you do not control and press the spy option. We have enough spytatoes to conduct a mission. Select the military scouting mission and start the work.
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Military scouting - in an attack, there are three types of troops. The first type, infantry, die in the front line. They shield your two other troops but don’t do much damage. The second type, ranged, are an all around good troop that has both good attack and defense capabilities. The last type of troop, artillery, is extremely fragile, but will do lots of damage. There is a happiness cost to attack! Happiness regenerates, but it takes time, Low happiness is bad for your empire.
As we all know, potatoes have bloodthirsty qualities in their genetics. You really are getting to your Roots. but be warned, someone might attempt to get their revenge.

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