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Free hack Dimension Master cheats code list - gold, fragments, evolve, promo ticket, skill, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Dimension Master cheat world: welcome, master! i'm cheat-on, i'll be your guide during your adventures! lets get familiar with the world of summoning. Try using summon hack to recruit powerful heroes. Use gems for a chance to summon SSR heroes. You even get 1 free gems summon every day. Then tap the avatar to deploy hero.

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You recived some upgrade items. use them to upgrade the quality of your heroes. Your heroes' stats will increase gretly after upgrading. You can eevn unlock new skills. Keep fighting in your adventure to get items to upgrade your heroes.

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Level up your skills to greatly increase their power! Note: don't forget to upgrade skills after leveling up your heroes. Extreme skill has a fixed chance to unleash. You can only rotate your squad once all hero slots have been unlocked. There are 4 types of gear: chest, legs, and feet armor, plus wepons!

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You must tap on your heroes' avatars to unleash skills in manual mode. You've cleared all dungeons with 3 stars and can now collect all chapter rewards. You received some exp potions.Use them to level up your heroes. Upgrading will greatly increase stats and allow you to activate new skills.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: upgrading heroes will improve their quality and unlock better skills. Slot - deplot new heroes to your squad. Carnival - timed quests which grant incredible rewards. Finish your trial - tap the dungeon treasure chest to collect rewards. Battle x2 - switch between 1x and 2x battle speed.
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Tutorial Dimension Master(wiki): Each turn takes place in two stages - an attacking stage and a defensive stage. Your front line heroes are hurt? Rotate your squad to move them to the back line. An SSR hero is guaranteed the first time you use summon gems x10. YOu always have a chance to summon an SSR hero when using gems.
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