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Oh, geez, what a nightmare! The diner’s falling apart, the kitchen’s a mess, what am i gonna do? If only Flo were here...
- Did somebody say my name?
- Flo, you’re back! And just in time, i’m barely handing on in here!
- I’m back! But cookie, what happened to the Greasy Spoon? The diner looks like it was hit by an angry tornado!
- I know, Flo. I don’t know what happened! It almost feels like someone was deliberately trying to sabotage the diner!
- Oh Cookie, don’t get paranoid - together, we can turn this place around. Now, let’s head into the diner and get to work!

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It’s Rosie, our first customer and most loyal regular! Tap to take her order! Great, let’s wait for cookie to cook her order! Cookie’s done! Tap the finished eggs and bacon to pick it up. Good job! Let’s wait for her to finish eating and tap the table to collect her check! It looks like Rosie’s not just our best regular, she’s our only regular!
I’m so glad you’re back, we make a great team!

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Let’s team up to fix street lamps. The “dark street corner” look doesn’t really inspire foot traffic. Use your notepad. You can find your to-do list on it! Not surprisingly, it’s the list of stuff, you have to do. Choose whichever street lamps you like! You can always change it by tapping and holding the object. Nice choice! But now those lamps have lit up other problems, like all sidewalk trash. Let’s just get to moving some brooms! If you get stuck, simply tap “skip” to keep playing.
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We need to earn a star to complete task. Play levels to earn stars and then spend them in your to do list.
Look, a new customer! Tap the table to seat Kingston. Kingston loves the color blue. Seat him at a blue table to make him extra happy. You got a color match bonus! Now let’s seat Rosie! YOu got another color match bonus for seating Rosie at a green table.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • We can speed up Cookie by upgrading his griddle. Look, the griddle speed will go down to 3 seconds after we upgrade. Eggs cooked on the griddle will take less time to prepare now.
  • You can also upgrade the eggs& bacon dish to earn more coins.
  • Not sure what to upgrade? Check out the recommended section in the shop!
  • Cookie can cook up to 3 of the same food at the same time! See how the two tickets merged? Now both plates cook at once for faster service.
  • Use the fast FLO boost to walk 5x faster.

Diner DASH Adventures tips
Hack cheats tutorial Diner DASH Adventures(wiki):
  • Upgrade your appliances to serve customers faster!
  • Color match - match a customer's color to their table for a happiness and dash bonus!
  • Tap your Helper to boost them and instantly speed them up!
  • Upgrade your customers' loyalty to earn more hearts in levels.
  • Check the daily deals every day for exclusive discounts and rewards.
  • Barb - she doesn't have a lot of time to eat, so she wants a donut!
  • You can throw away extra items in the trash can

Diner DASH Adventures tutorial

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