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Hi, i’m cheat-on, the base medic. Rough landing i take it? Welcome to the Arcadian expedition team. You guys really roll out the red carpet for the newcomers around here. Come, we’re wasting daylight, let’s get work. We need to collect the DNA from an Ankylosaurus before this day is over. Check your current quest. Use the joystick to move around the world. Please be careful, it’s dangerous but whatever you do, don’t injure it. Use your tamer to capture it and bring it back to the lab.

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Code uT2rib - Switch to sneak mode. You make less noise while sneaking. Try to sneak up to the dinosaur. Throw a taming device. Quick, keep throwing tamers until the dine os tamed.
Welcome to your new office. The labs are where we further our dino research. If we going to want to tame any more dinos out in the wild, i suggest we try mounting one for safer passage. Click on the dino in the habitat. Develop habitat a tier 2: upgrade increasing the capacity by one.

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Defend the base from the aggressive Stegosaurus. Trigger your basic attack! Stun the enemy for a few seconds. Keep attacking the dino until it is defeated. You really know how to get yourself into trouble. Bring me your unit and i’ll see to its wounds. Cheat uNZHB0 - basic medkit: a medkit that is more effective at healing low strength dinos.
Class a habitat - construct a habitat suitable for herbivores: Ankylosaurus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops and Brontosaurus. Ankylosaurus saddle - a saddle suitable for riding on an ankylosaurus.
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laUgoP - Basic tamer: that is more effective at capturing low strength characters.rSg7sQ - embed mod v1: a collecting mod that increases the amount of ember you can mine. We are also going to need some more data to complete the evolution - use cheat 1qNwDd. Follow along the story as you uncover the world of Arcadia and its native inhabitants as you battle, tame & craft your way through the interactive story!

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Spinosaurus - part of the theropod dinosaur genus, it is one of the largest carnivore dinosaur on record, hunting both terrestial and aquatic prey.
Ankylosaurus - equipped with a club like tail and spikes on its back. What it lacked in size, it compensated for with resilience.
Stegosaurus - a herbivourous thyreoperan dinosaur that roamed the late jurassic period. Using its spiked tail and back plates as defense agains predators.
Brontosaurus - its genus is that of the gigantic sauropods, having a long neck adapted for a herbivorous lifestyle while able to defend itself with its whip like tail.
Triceraptors - this herbivorous ceratopsid flaunts intimidating horns and a bony frill, which were used for displays of dominance and defense agains predators.
Pteranodon - technically not a dinosaur, but rather considered path of the pterosaur genus. A master of the skies, this flying reptilie stands apart from its dinosaur counterparts. how and where enter
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