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Free hack Diosa Force II cheats code list - gold, star up, boost up, promo ticket, skill, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Diosa Force II cheat world: caused by sudden chaotic Elemental anomalies, monsters begin their assaults. Goddess temple of Attimilan village is under siege. In an attempt to save their friend Zoe who is in the temple, Jacques and achilles, two young brave swordsmen, boldly go to the temple and fight unknown enemies.

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I'm cheat-on. Goddess sent me to assist the chosen one. Now, let's go to "sky island" first. Sky island is blessed with the gentle wind element. But now, it's in danger...we have to find out the contaminated wind origin and let the Goddess purify it. A vast meadow of verdant grass surrounds the island in the sky. A marvelous adventure begins here.

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Select battle preparation to organize the team. The goddess told us that we need to go to the continents of the four elements, and search for the currently contaminated land of origins. The elemtns refer to "wind, earth, water, and fire", and the continents mean "sky island", Endless abyss, Aqua world, and land of Vulcan. We are the chosen ones to save the world.

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Use the pursuit ability to deal massive damage. Fire dragon in the team has a fire starter skill that carries burn effect. While the enemy is burn, use Achilles' skill, dragon thorn to pursue. Saura slash - rare dark pursuit queen, lower enemy attack and finishes with criticals.
When acquiring same hero or evolution crystal of same rarity, you may use them to rank up the star rank. With higher star rank, hero will have higher level limit and more skills. Evolution crystals can be converted from duplicate full star characters. When achieveing certain rank and level, you may raise class rank by consuming matching quality upgrade materials. Other than increasing general strength, certain class rank also unlocks new skill. When heroes reach grade 3, they can learn overwhelming "ultimates".

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