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    Blade Warrior android, ios hack codes

    Era already forgotten from the mind of people. This story is about certain race known as legend that has lived in forgotten era. Little Amorse left alone quivered with rage and despair. In the years since then... To get his sister, carly back, Amorse wandered the whole continent searching for whereabouts of devils.

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    Welcome game Blade Warrior! Wave mode – survive as long as possible from attack of unlimited enemy. Story mode – conquer all dungeon and kill Diablo. To push attack key, you can attack. To keep on pushing attack key, you can attack monster continuously. To use red potion, you can restore a little amount of health. With scythe rush skill of amorse, you blow many of enemies around you and damage them. The more upgraded active skill you have, the more you can use them. The higher level of difficulty you have, the higher ranked score you can get from the castle of Satan.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Blade Warrior android codes: with smashing skill of amorse, you can damage to the enemies seriously. For video at the appearance of boss, you can skip. With stage swiftly cleared, you can complete with your friends. Move pushing direction key. If you push the same direction key two times, with dashing you can avoid attack. With spin slice of Andra, you can blow many of them. To touch left top, you can change your character. With sword rush skill of Andra, try to attack closest enemies to the attack direction.

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