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  • Cheats, hack Galaxy Online 3: medals, honor, gold vip, diamonds star, resources relic, metal, shards, unlimited CP energy. Hacked game Galaxy Online 3 bug codes android, ios. (New York, Unated state)

    Hacked Galaxy Online 3 android, ios

      List of letter secret codes in the cheat game:
    • hack medals - G60bAi ;

    • gold vip — dnE7W5 ;

    • gems: flash, vorpal, armor — OU4Wxs ;

    • diamond star — GLjO4K ;

    • unlimited CP energy— ZeuwEb ;

    • shards — eq9DtV ;

    • resources: relic, metal, pu — g75NYF ;

    • honor — OTfjsX .

    Galaxy Online 3 android, ios hack codes

    A.D. 2076 – humans master fusion reaction using He3. A.D. 2091 – humans establish a viable colony on Mars. A.D. 2095 – humans discover the frist time-space wormholes. A.D. 2101 – the first “ark” capable of inter-stellar flight “LY-1” lands on the terrestrial planet, Kepler-22b and founds a new colony. A.D. 2112 – the galactic federation is formed. The epoch is changed to “galactic calendar”. G.C.20, the founding of the 200th colony of humankind.

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    Welcome game Galaxy Online 3! The peace that we sustained for so many years was shattered in a single moment. With you as my prodigy, we must restore peace to these troubled skies. My assistant, cheat-on, will guide you in your quest. Commander, you carry a name that's burdened with vengeance and glorious purpose! This planetary base will be a platform for you conquests. Manage it well, I will aid you every step of the way. This is our base of operations. We may have defeated the space pirates but we have only earned a mere respite. They will return. The protection and expansion of our base depends on the strength of our ships. Tap the highlighted area to build a shipyard.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Galaxy Online 3 android codes: neutronium armor reduces incoming magnetic damage. Chrome armor reduces incoming heat damage. Accuracy increases hit rate and damage. Commander, select the shipyard to begin manufacturing ships that'll defend our base from enemy attacks. At the heart of every mighty fleet is a qualified Captain. Tap the highlighted area and build an academy. You can recruit captains from the academy by tapping hire. With ships and captains, we can create our own fleet. Upgrade space station to deploy more fleets. Battles consume CP. If your CP is too low, you can't participate in combat. Cp slowly recovers over time but can be instantly recovered with space bux.

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