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    Hacked MonsterVale Ⅱ android, ios

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    • reputation — OTfjsX .

    MonsterVale Ⅱ android, ios hack codes

    Welcome to your monster island! I am your instructor cheat-on. It's not easy to become a competent tamer. Let's start from catching some monsters! Monster land is in a space which is parallel with “real world”, if you want to pass through these spaces, you need to build a portal. This is where you will meet many tamers who come from land, and they are here to catch monsters! Talk to them, you will learn a lot! Monsters with a higher level will produce gold faster and their combat performances will improve. Therefore we need to level up monsters as quickly as possible. There are many ways to level them up, the most basic one is to feed them.

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    Welcome game MonsterVale Ⅱ! There are many monsters in human world, but we can't se them. To find these monsters, we need a special device, monster radar! The principles of the monster radar is simple, it receives the soul power emitted by monsters and lock them. By tappinq those small dots on the map, you can see details of the Monsters! The farther a Monster rests from you, the lower its catch rate will be! Of course, you may use a Netball. Netball is made of special materials that I have no idea of whose specifics. But one thinq is clear, you can catch all Monsters, even high level Monsters, as lonq as vou use the Netball! Magic crops contain great magic power, which can support monsters as an immense magic source.

    Secrets cheat gameplay MonsterVale Ⅱ android codes: you can hold down the bottom of a building and move it. When the construction of a building is done, we need to check it out to make sure it's ready to use. To catch Monsters in the real world, you need to activate your GPS. Sometimes it takes time to start, you need to be patient! When the GPS starts, you may open the radar to search for Monster nearby! Monster you can find varies when you travel to different locations in the real world! When Monsters work in Habitats, they qenerate qold. Monsters with higher level can produce more. When qold stored reaches the Habitat gold capacity, production will stop! You need to collect gold form time to time, or you will lose a lot of money!

    how to enter hack cheats MonsterVale Ⅱ.

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