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    LINE Blades of Revenge android, ios hack codes

    Heroes have different attack areas, drag your hero around to see his red attack on the opposite side. Drag your ability onto the back row of enemies to move and damage them. Drag your knight's portrait at the bottom to the left, so he will use his ability first. Drag your mage so she will hit all enemies with her regular attack. Drag your mage's ability near your troops to heal them. Drag your mage's portrait at the bottom to the left, so she will use her ability first.

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    Welcome game LINE Blades of Revenge!At the fishing village near the city, the animals of the forest have begun to attack! Centuries ago, the demon God was defeated by a legendary knight. But the God could not be killed. Instead it hid inside an ancient blade. The blade could not be destroyed, so the knight took it to his castle. He and his allies encased the sword in protections, and they named it Endbringer. The resurrection of the Demon God would mean the end of us all. If the demons took the blade, they intend to resurrect their God. Tap and hold a character's portrait to see more information. Use the monsters we've defeated to increase our own power. Find more friend to join our group. Take the opportunities to expand your army. Don't miss these summon rate boost events!

    Secrets cheat gameplay LINE Blades of Revenge android codes: remember you have a monster? It is an earth monster, who needs an earth element habitat to live. To become a true tamer, you need to learn combat skills. One can't survive in this monster world with ease if a Tamer don't have true skills. You need to build a dispatch platform first! Dispatch platform is the building for combat deployment. Before combats, we need to maneuver, which is basic combat ability. Maneuvering is simple, which means putting monsters into your formation, also known as your dispatch platform. Only those monsters in the formation will fight in combats. But just because it's simple, formation study is always ignored! However top Tamers know deeply that the pros and cons of formations determine outcome of every battle.

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