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    Sea Game android, ios hack codes

    Commander, we have successfully landed at this island! And here will be our base to against Hydra – the evil force. A powerful fleet is going to be a good start. A good captain is always the key for victory, isn't it? Report! We just received a distress signal from our territorial waters. That must be hydra attacking those aborigines, send our fleets now! Dear Lord, please save my people!

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    Welcome game Sea Game!It seems like there are more Hydra armies around these waters now. It makes me curious about what exactly Hydra is planning to do. But anyway, do remember to call your allies when you faced powerful enemies. Nobody can make success in one step, let's move forward! We need to store enough resources for our base, let's start from the gold. Commander, the supply of our food almost ran out. Let's build a farm for the soldiers. Completing missions to receive the resources rewards. Now you can continue your adventure by following the main tasks! I believe you will become a great commander, good luck!

    Secrets cheat gameplay Sea Game android codes: current selected warships exceeds the march total tonnage limit. Commander, our base is growing very fast. However the construction may require more time also. Everything is settled down very well now. Time to join the Alliance and meet your allies! An alliance center is required at the first. With the alliance center you may browse and join the alliance, hope you can find trustworthy friend. Though they are heavy, we can use Wolfpack strategy by our submarines! Your brand new shipyard is completed? We are now able to build more powerful ships with this upgrade. Locked warships are more powerful. Can be unlocked by upgrading the shipyard.

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