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    Blood Knights android, ios hack codes

    hundred years ago the masters of Hades: blood, dark, deceit, fear and doom, were trapped by the angel crops. Finally the angels sealed the masters' souls in the bloody crystal, and gave it to the twilight corps for protection. Years later the underworld invaded the human world, while the glory knight Damon led his knights to fight against them. In the battle the devil's leader Toss found knight Templar wearing the crystal and killed him. The crystal dashed off with the spurting blood.

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    Welcome game Blood Knights! Demon Bartos was defeated by Damon, who has infused the power of the bloody crystal. Bartos has escaped into the sunset mountains. Now that the power of the bloody crystal is running out, Bartos must be killed before he recovers. Blake – a traveler of shadows, an massacrer of the Dark congress, a living-weapon that was born to kill. Damon – started practicing ways of a knight at a young age; he holds a two-haded sword, attacks are simple but effective, firm and strong and wears a knight's heavy armor; he is always on the front lines of battle. Gilda- is a sanctuary assassin from the Cult's court of Darkness. Sanctuary Assassin's swift movements are difficult for enemies to grasp, seizing opportunities to land deadly strikes, reaping enemy souls in a blink of an eye. Carmela – mystic Mage from the mystic alliance, with control of the spirit and affiliation with the Elements, even the thin Carmela possesses destructive power.

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    Secrets cheat gameplay Blood Knights android codes: level 50 can open Kuangmo hegemony, complete with all the players at the same time. Move the button bottom left to control. Hold the attack button to annihilate enemy. A group of monsters appeared? Use skills to wipe them out! Attacking will increase the ice cave Demon's anger, find more surprise when its anger full! Increase fiend soul refinement to increase power dramatically. Click soul refine to restore the fiend's power. Click upgrade to have more stars after all fiend's powers are full. If you keep on dying on a stage, it means that you should forgement equipments. Learn rune skill to increase skill damage and effect.

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