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    Hacked Sonny android, ios

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    • increase stats: defense, speed, vitality — eq9DtV ;

    • skill points — g75NYF ;

    • cash — OTfjsX .

    Sonny android, ios hack codes

    Frozen in time. Trapped in calamity. No way to win. Nowhere to run. Out at sea, with nothing around for miles... a once mighty ship will soon be deep beneath the waves. Inside, a lone survivor continues a desperate search. Born again. Into chaos. Severe memory loss. Damn it. Wait. There is something else here. Blood. Slowly reaching out. Another man, face down. Look, you need to get up, now. We have to get above the deck. Numb, yet full of adrenaline. A strange mix of feelings. And things will get stranger still.
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    Welcome game Sonny! They're breaching the lower decks. That thing is going to kill you and me both, unless you kill it first. Like the striking of a match, instinct is ignited. Vision is focused. Fibers tighten. He doesn't like it, but he knowns exactly what to do. A moment ago you were nothing. You were going to rise again as nothing. A mindless, monstrous nothing. But instead you are something. Several hours later a boat reaches the shore. Despair runs deep. But there is no turning back now.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Sonny android codes: don't forget to heal yourself if your health drops too low. Blue bar represents your focus. When it fills up, you'll be able to attack! As you level up, you'll be able to learn new abilities. New abilities will be ready to use right away. But once your ability wheel is full, you might need to arrange it yourself. You will always be able to reset your abilities at a price. Wound – deal damage and apply bleed to the target for 3 turns. Bleed causes extra damage to the target each time it is hit. Your allies are also more likely to attack bleeding targets. Training can help if you're having difficulty with a battle, or just want loot and power, by letting you fight weaker enemies.

    how to enter hack cheats Sonny.

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