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    Hacked Yokai Saga android, ios

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    Yokai Saga android, ios hack codes

    The dimensional rift is vibrating! We've got to get out of here. Hurry, to the dimensional gate..Terrible news! The dimensional rift has opened, and a swarm of monsters came rushing out. The regalis mage's society is doing everything they can to close the rift, but at this point, there are no guarantees. Everyone is terrified that a war will break out. Headquartes has declared a state of emergency and sent orders to keep a closer eye on all monsters. I'm soryy this happened on your first day on the job...
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    Welcome game Yokai Saga! Oh, well! Your welcome party will have to wait – your first task is to investigate the goblin market. A previous investigation revealed that illicit magical items have been making their way around the market. Most are items commonly used in summoning rituals. This does not bode well. While you investigate the goblin market, I will collect information about the dimensional rift. Night guards can request backup when in need. You'll be able to borrow monsters from either monster merchants or friends. If you're lucky, a strong monster will be available. The monster encyclopedia consist of a regular encyclopedia, character collection, and theme collection.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Yokai Saga android codes: entry tickets are required to participate in the arena. If you run out, they can be recharged using star stones. Use various mimicked skills strategically during battle. The better a character's grade, the more awesome the character! This applies to hunters and monsters alike! Use upgrade stones to raise a character's grade! Upgrade stones can be found in the abyss of time located inside the temporal rift. The higher your team level, the more mastery skills you can learn! Team level experience is acquired by clearing dungeons in adventure. Gear is not specific to hunters or monsters. It's all for the same purpose, anyway. Earn loyalty points by buying certain items in the shop. Loyalty points are used to buy special items.

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