Chaos Fighters
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    Chaos Fighters android, ios hack codes

    Once a peaceful world, full of hope and candy...All of it changed one fateful day. Thunderous, blinging explosions made the world, blinder and thunder-er. A magical cube remained God's lunch box. So fighters from everywhere came uninvited, who will be victorious? Let the battles begin...
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    Welcome game Chaos Fighters! I'm cheat-on, and i'm here to help you learn everything you need to become the ultimate fighter. Visit me anytime by tapping the assistant button at the top of the main. Lance – uses his martial skill guided by virtue to destroy monsters and protect the realm. Eaynah – raised in the frozen wilderness, Eaynah uses her extreme dexterity to track and destroy her prey as well as escape deadly situations. Rocky – a former champion prize fighter, now wanders the land in search of the ultimate duel. Elize – known for getting into one too many fights, Elize roams the streets looking for a new challenge. Her emerald eyes unwavering, those foolish enough to fight her see only her fists.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Chaos Fighters android codes: the highest level of fighter, pet and gem is 30, 27 and 8 respectively. Equipment can be enhanced, reforged, engraved, socketed and embedded with gems at the forge. The pet lock can take effect only one time, players must lock pet skills every time their pet grasps a new skill. Your rank in the arena is based off of your reputation. Tapping the reset button in the skills menu randomly unlocks a different set of skills to choose from. Remember, different fighters correspond to different types of weapons. Pets can grasp skills after their growth bar is full. Even if you don't participate in the world tournament every Saturday, you can earn rewards by placing bets during the competition! The top 8 level 2 guilds with the most weekly guild contributions are qualified to take part in the guild war every Wednesday!

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