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    Hacked Chrono Tales android, ios

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    • divine fruit — 5LWre5 ;

    • pet skill book — Kd0iKO ;

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    • silver coins — 4eC2Wd ;

    • gold — YEORD2 ;

    • soul — ZulPC3 ;

    • moon stones — WDqLhz .

    Chrono Tales android, ios hack codes

    Only few years, the campus is looking better! You're back from your trip? Come over here, I got good new for you. You come back just in time! The pet egg you asked captain Jason to look after is about to hatch. The 7 stones that once were guarding this realm are star stones, the Earth division is claiming that they would get one before the Heaven division. We need to talk teacher Delin and apply to enter star altar – where can increase the accuracy for astrology.
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    Welcome game Chrono Tales! This android game – those who know chronotales will understand the importance of gold in game. First, there are 3 types of currencies, namely, silver, gold, and diamond. It is easier to get silver than getting gold, whereas diamond is basically receiving through top up furthermore, gold is relating to many systems, such as exchanging pet skills book and other pet items. But our main subject of today is about gears crafting and also level up! Gear upgrading of chrono tales is much easier, it only needs 3 materials to upgrade and craft with are moon stone smithing sewing blueprint, and soul stone.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Chrono Tales android codes: direct tap on target to command pet for normal attack. Long press menu button to use command system. You've get an advance gift pack which including huge experience and adventure EXP that can help you to increase level more faster. Wish you can enjoy in world of star. Taunt effect, auto transform normal attack to attack the taunting party. Reach vip level 3 to unlock the sixth skill slot for free. Reach vip 4 to skip battles directly and save much time. A wide variety of promotional activities will be held in the game, do pay attention to the system notice. Bloody blade – wield dual swords and deal single damage to the target enemy causing layer of bleeding.

    how to enter hack cheats Chrono Tales.

  • how and where enter
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