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    Chaos Fighters android, ios hack codes

    There was once a beautiful magical kingdom called Tarkan, where a kindly wizard king ruled with peace and justice. But the evil swamp witch mordella crew Jealous of the wizard king's power, and sought to overthrow him, to claim Tarkath for herself. The wizard king fought bravely, giving his life to protect his people, but the magic that Mordella had unleash was too great. Tarkan was shattered to pieces. And so it falls to whisper, the king's apprentice, to call upon brave commanders to lead armies in the fight against Mordella and her evil minions, to bring peace back to the kingdom of Tarkan once more.
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    Welcome game Chaos Fighters! To win a level, destroy all castles on it. Swipe to turn. You can't swipe backwards. Collect troops by walking over them. Use the blue compass under your hero to find troops easier. The green bar at the top left corner shows your hero's health. The blue bar below it shows your ability cooldown. Bumping into obstacles will hurt you. Falling off a cliff will kill you instantly. On the first few levels, barries will help prevent you from falling of cliffs. Running into the troops tailing you causes you to lose them. Castles and towers only attack you while you have troops attacking.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Chaos Fighters android codes: they'll try to target you when you're in range, so watch your health. The pause button both pauses the game and shows a settings menu. If you want to see the tower range, click pause and toggle ranges on. If swipe interfaces are awkward for you, toggle drad on. If its hard to see obstacles coming, consider increasing the zoom setting. When completing a level, you gain gems! Use them for save mes or in the workshop! The energy package which contains 60 points must be manually claimed every 6 hours. Refining souls can improve character abilities greatly.

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