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    Hacked MacGuffin Quest android, ios

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    MacGuffin Quest android, ios hack codes

    Welcome, adventurer! Let's test your collecting skills, i'll help you out! Yo will find items that can help you on your quest: Protection – makes you invulnerable for a short time. Healing – restore some of your active adventurer's health. Bomb – can be used to open up secrets passage walls and also do damage. The archer has average resistance, but is very skilled. She is quick on her feet and can rapidly fire a burs of arrows from long range. Her special attribute is increased critical attacking enemies without getting noticed will result in very hight damage.
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    Welcome game MacGuffin Quest! Guffins are used to unlock new equipment to outfit teams in future expeditions. All guffins are not equal. The more you progress in the dungeons, the more valuable they become. Summon sky blessing to get 1000 basic reputation, and many bonuses as well. You can't use mercenaries in the arena. If you defeat an opponent in the arena, they can be captured as your prisoner. Battles are automatic. Equipment and skills activate based on probability. You can use vouchers to buy rare items at the secret shop. If you didn't beat your opponent within 1000 seconds in PVE, you will lose the fight. And 1000 seconds is game seconds, not actual time.

    Secrets cheat gameplay MacGuffin Quest android codes: your energy will be automatically restored by 5 every half an hour. Besides, you can claim an energy package which contains 60 points every 6 hours. You can transform fighters, pets, gems and orange equipment into stardust by using the black hole in the star altar. The mercenary system will be unlocked at level 20. It will make you attack monsters and conquer instances more easily. The evil tower becomes available at level 30. Challenge the tower and earn rewards. You acquire a new skill every time you level up. Open the skill screen under the function button, or tap the shortcut below your portrait. Enhancing amulets upgrade weapons in the forge.

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