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    Legacy Quest android, ios hack codes

    Man never ruled the world for long though our stories make it sound like our empire lasted a thousand years! We boast how it was us who gave the world the alphabet, the steam engine, even magic so powerful it could create new life. We forget that our grand inventions served one purpose first: to wage war amen get ourselves, until our kingdoms crumbled. We forget that, when orcs and lizardfolk overran our cities, they merely reclaimed lands we had taken from them a few hundred years earlier.
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    Welcome game Legacy Quest! We forget how every race that ever rose above the others has fallen again. And the loot! We forget all the shiny loot that's still buried everywhere. Just waiting to make us a fortune.
    You are a treasure hunter traveling through the ancient jungle of Inecra in search of a great treasure. Time to start your adventure and make your fortune. Auto-battle becomes available after unlocking the hidden sanctuary area. Attacking a monster from the side or behind increases your damage. The types terrain affect your hero's attack. If your hero attacks from advantageous terrain, the hero will inflict 15% more damage.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Legacy Quest android codes: the control scheme can be changed in settings. Tap Ava's skill to attack. Tap a monster without selecting a skill, your first skill will be selected automatically. Both heroes and monsters have combat advantages. Keep an eye on the rock paper scissors system before attacking. Attack with an advantage and you will inflict 30% more damage. Collect powerful set items. The higher grade the equipments, the more powerful it gets when enhanced. Attack enemies from behind or from the side to inflict more damage.

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