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    Automatic RPG android, ios hack codes

    Chronic depression, unstable government and extreme weather. Rising prices and unemployment. The local park was
    destroyed,and the King's favorite clothes got stained. His breakfast sunny-side up was even ruined, and he was turned down by the girl he likes. All of this the evil doings of the Demon King. The King, realizing the Demon King's evil handiwork, ordered the legendary Hero to defeat him once and for all. Thus began the hero's adventure.
    Houchi Quest is an RPG where you let the game progress on its own. Your party will mostly attack automatically, so you can simply watch as they defeat their foes.

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    Welcome game Automatic RPG! Only your hero can be controlled manually and will attack immediately when you tap the attack button. Try rapidly tapping the attack button to see what happens. You can raise your team members by using experience gained in battle. Go to the team formation screen now and try raising hero's level. Keep on raising your team member's level as much as you can by defeating foes to gain experience. Try facing off against a boss in the next area. You're sure to lose against the boss at your current level. Try raising your level to 4 before facing this boss. Tap the boss button to challenge the boss. Attack up – for a set period, the attack abilities of all your friends will increase.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Automatic RPG android codes: powerful equipment set will give you additional attributes bonus. In boss battles, you can't use the attack button to make your hero attack or level up. All you can do is hope for victory and watch them fight. By defeating boss, you can proceed to the next area. Keep on beating bosses to get to the castle where the demon king resides. Moving on the world map – tap the map button to go back to areas you've cleared or go to the shop. At the shop, you can use gold earned in battles to purchase weapons and armor. You can do this even while the game is paused. Conclusion – your team members will continue to earn gold and experience. Strategically let them do their thing as they proceed through the game.

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