Dragon Mania Legends
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    Dragon Mania Legends android, ios hack codes

    Hello? I hope you're not looking for the world-famous dragonologist Dr. Hogwin Hogvanhog. He's been well kidnapped. Not much is left of the dragon academy after that horrible viking attack, but they missed one dragon during their raid. Pet him so he knows you're the friendly sort. Looks like you've got a fan! Gems are how we pay for stuff here in dragolandia. My name's cheat-on, Dr. Hogwin's apprentice! I'm no Hogwin, but I can teach you what I know. For strates, this guy looks hungry!

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    Welcome game Dragon Mania Legends! Dragons mainly eat fruit. Throw some his way! Healthy dragons shed gold. Things have been nuts around here since the viking invasion, so stocking up on gold can't hurt. Dragons are social creatures and this one's looking lonely. Let's build another habitat and see if it attracts a wild dragon that can keep this one company! The outer isles were once full of dragon trainers, but we've been at peace so long people stopped practicing their skills. Training dragons and directing them in battle takes special skills, and we need all the help we can get.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Dragon Mania Legends android codes: drag and drop element onto opponent! Stop the arrow while it's in the grey zone. Land in the red and we'll miss our enemy! With you on our team, I bet we can save Hogwin restore the academy to its former glory, and defeat the vikings! Create hybrid dragons by breeding dragons of different element types in the breeding Den. If the dragon academy hadn't been ransacked, at least we'd have some dragons to help us. For now, let's just focus on breeding a third one. Only adult dragon can be taken into battle. I think our dragons are powerful enough now that we should take the fight to those vikings!

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