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    Moon Quest android, ios hack codes

    Vampire they emerged in the world due to the great Calamity, the vampires had already existed unknown to humans. They are proficient in magic as a race, but the force that unleashed the calamity and enabled them to live normally under the sun has taken away much of their magic. To supplement their lost magic, they have taught themselves swordsmanship, perfected over a long period of time. Human – following the destruction of the world's civilization by an unknown force, the remaining humans were desperate to survive against Vampires and werewolves that appeared in the aftermath of the calamity. However, as they gradually restored their civilization and technology, humans found ways to deal with the might of the new races. They now continue to find out why the calamity fell on the world and mythical beings came into existence.

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    Welcome game Moon Quest! Werewolf – like the vampires, the werewolves existed for ages but were simply unknown. But unlike the vampires who relied on magic, werewolves used their innate wild powers to survive. Werewolf warriors possess strong physiques and intelligence that allow them to overcome any obstacle with their sheer physical strength alone. However, many have been influenced by powerful magic lately and have become lost wanderers, led by their beastly instincts and devoid of rational thought.
    Touch to attack enemy or move your character. Defeat the enemy and continue by following the arrow. Open your bag and touch the crafted weapon to equip or remove it.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Moon Quest android codes: to start the tutorial, click the icon indicated by the arrow symbol to begin a quest. If this is your first time playing, it is recommended that you complete the tutorial. Touch the training ground building to complete the quest! You can finish the quest by touching the NPC at the top left of your screen. Select the blacksmith as indicated by the arrow and touch the craft button to craft a weapon. Select a weapon and touch the craft button to craft it. Crafting time can be reduced by using an accelerator. Touch your portrait to opem your bag and view the crafted weapon. Touch the level to open the door and go to the portal. Select one of 6 stage rewards and press ok. Items that can be enhanced are displayed on the enhance UI. Select an item to enhance and touch the enhance button to enhance it.

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