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    Sword Art Online android, ios hack codes

    Kirito – one of the players trapped within the VR MMORPG turned death game, SAO. A skilled player and former beta tester, he is often seen soloing on the front lines. His black hair and attire have earned him the nickname black swordsman. Asuna – one of SAO's most skilled fighters and the vice commander of the knights of the blood Oath. Her strength and beauty have made her an SAO celebrity, and her speed with the rapier has earned her the nickname lightning flash. Siica – armed with a dagger, this little beast tamer travels with her pet dragon, Pina. Utterly adorable, she's become quite popular among mid level players. Is often called by her nickname, dragon tamer silica.

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    Welcome game Sword Art Online! Lisbeth – master blacksmith and master mace user, this is a girl of many talents. Her closest friends call her Liz, and Asuna is happy to count herself among them. Leafa- a notable ALO player, this Sylph's strength with a sword have earned her recognition as one of her race's top fighters. In addition to her kendo-honed fighting skills, she's also a master of wind and healing magic.
    The gleam eyes – a giant demon with a goat's head deftly swings a colossal and mighty sword. It sits within a boss room where crystals are disabled, first of its kind. Overcome this terror, and reach floor 75!

    Secrets cheat gameplay Sword Art Online android codes: this is a tale retracing memories from a virtual world. Sword art online (SAO) – that was the name of the game that became my world. SAO ran on hardware fundamentally differently from previous generation tech. Nervegear. The nervegear is a sleek helmet that covers the head and face. By sending signals directly to the brain, it can access the user's senses, giving them the ability to freely move about a virtual environment. The ultimate in VR tech. However, when SAO officially launched, 10000 players were unaware of its terrifying secret. It was an inescapable trap a death game. On that fateful day, I was teaching Kein – a guy I met in the town of beginnings – the basics of combat. We first noticed that something was wrong right after we beat our first mob. The logout button that was supposed to be in the game menu was gone.
    Suddenly and without warning, every last sword art online player was warped to the plaza in the starting town. As fear and uncertainty washed over us, an avatar in a red robe appeared in the sky.

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