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    Hacked Legend of Dragon android, ios

      List of letter secret codes in the cheat game:
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    • gold — erdI7c ;

    • unlimited energy — FjG5BO ;

    • diamonds — jD5nlM ;

    • escort credits — cAq5zB ;

    • dragil — aBm7L3 ;

    • draw card — 7UwxZx ;

    • credits — 95Cjr5 .

    Legend of Dragon android, ios hack codes

    Hello adventurer, do you know the password of dragon hall? I'm cheat-on, I also searching for the dragon balls to make wishes come true. Basic move and attack range of soldier is 2 slots. Range of ranged soldier +2. They can't move forward after attack. The attack order of soldiers with alert skill is from back to front. The value at the left bottom of soldier represents his attack. The value at the right bottom of soldier represents his HP. When it comes to 0, soldiers will die. The value at the left bottom of soldier represents his attack, the value at the right bottom of soldier represents his HP.

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    Welcome game Legend of Dragon! Capsule attack – attack all enemies within 2x3 tiles of the attacked target energy type. Alert – can attack target within 1 tile, from backward to forward. Click the X button to close the card details. Defeating enemy boss and you will win. Martialists are skilled at dealing huge physical damage, possessing the unique ability of offensive buff in battle. Doctors are skilled at dealing area of spell damage, possessing the unique ability of curse of debuff. Assassins are skilled at battlefield control, possessing the unique ability of sneak attack and assassination. Opening packs allows you to recruit more powerful followers. Each class has its exclusive skill cards that can be directly used on soldiers and heroes in battle.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Legend of Dragon android codes: all soldiers' mover order in battle is performed from front to back and top to down. Cards' slot display in battle can be set on and off in the game settings. From level tips, you can view other player's replays. Player dungeons, you can invite an online player or your mirror image together to clear dungeon. 2 stamina is recovered every half hour, with a maximum of 200. A lot of dungeon are available for players to challenge together. Rewards are great! Each use of auto group will generate different card groups. In the game, most cards have special arcane abilities. Click on a card to zoom in to view its details. In the card interface, you can put the hero you want into your deck. Dragging cards to the left deck enables you to use them in battle. Using the auto button to quickly marshal a new card set.

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