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    In the battle with the demigods, Kraken monster who embodies the power of hades ( lord of hell) killed by Perseus who is the demigod son of Zeus. After defeated the Kraken, the gods sealed by a holy sword in the Devil mountains which was guarded by Kraken. This is the source of Kraken's power. This place is affected the power of darkness. Few centuries later, a prophecy are spread through the universe that there will have 1 new lord and new factions will rise up. So, everyone want to challenge to get the holy sword to be the lord of Galaxy.

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    Welcome game League of Lords! As the result, the wars between league of demigods and the dark forces begin. Don't let fate expel you from history! Come with us and fight for your own glory. Let's recruit heroes to increase the power of your league. Silver is used to recruit heroes from 1 star to 2 stars. The finest equipment may greatly effect to heroes power! Remember to search and equip better items for better items for your heroes! Shop – you can exchange figures and plates here. Boosters contain rare figures. You can always exchange them with gems.

    Secrets cheat gameplay League of Lords android codes: login daily will be rewarded handsomely. Complete accumulative logins can get bigger reward. If you want to duel against friends or people near to you, use the room match option. If you want to watch other players' duels, head to the featured duel screen. If you want to play single player, head for quest. Settings and the library can be found in the menu. Now you've already learn some basic knowledge to survive in the android world. Don't forget to search for equipments, upgrade equipments and leveling your heroes to become stronger!

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