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    The Nine android, ios hack codes

    Monsters have appeared on the peaceful land of nine. Then, a hero arose, in order to restore peace. Gather your party and save the land. This tutorial will briefly take you through how the game works. The number on the top left is the number of coins currently is possession. On the right, it shows the statistics of battles against other players. The number of victories is on top, and the number of losses is on bottom. Next, we'll take a look how to purchase and set up characters. Tap the button pointed by the finger. Here you can hire and position heroes, and upgrade their skills with skill points.

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    Welcome game The Nine! On top, it shows, in order, the number of coins you have, the level of the currently selected hero, and skill points. Each hero has their level, and once they level up, their skill points will also increase. Left of the bright area shows the character's appearance, and the right shows the stats of the character. The stats are as follows, from the top: health, attack damage, defense, delay. Here you can manage the skills of the hero. The red button with the yellow exclamation mark shows the skill information. When you achieve the level shown on the left and you have 1 or more skill points, you can press the upgrade button to improve the skill.

    Secrets cheat gameplay The Nine android codes: you can hire locked heroes by unlocking them. When you press on an unlocked character, its information will be shown. If you press the lock button, the character's unlock requirements will be shown. Different characters have different requirements for unlocking them, which takes place via battles. Specifically, the battle costs and the number of victories required will differ. For the nurse, 100 coins are used for each battle. To unlock hero, you have to defeat them the number of times shown on bottom right. You have to pay the following costs for each battle. Once you go into battle, you are moved to the battleground. The battle will start with the heroes you have positioned.

    Battle tips The Nine: take a look at the top bar. The left shows the allies and the right shows the enemies. From either side, the signs will move into the middle. When the sigh arrives at the shield icon in the middle, it's either the enemy's or the ally's turn. Each character has different stand-by time. When the sigh of the hero has arrived in the middle and it's their turn, an action bar will pop up around them. From the top left, and in clockwise direction, the actions are: skill, defend, escape and item. When you press the skill button, you can attack with the hero's uniques skill. With the defend button, you can rest for a single turn. The hero's defense doesn't go up or anything. Use the escape button to try to get everyone in your party to escape. If the attempt fails, the cation bar will be reset for your entire party.

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