Infinite Warrior Battle Mage
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    Infinite Warrior Battle Mage android, ios hack codes

    The tyrant king still lives. Crows fly and bring with them dark tidings of an exile long though to be dead. From the blighted east, massive armies begin their march into the Free lands of the west. Scattered throughout the free lands are the watch towers. Magical structures long since abandoned during many ages of peace. Unit the kingdoms can muster their dormant forces to stem and crush the oncoming tide, these ancient citadels are all that stand in the way of total annihilation. Your are a battle mage.

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    Welcome game Infinite Warrior Battle Mage! Defend your magic tower by blasting the tyrant king's legions with powerful spells. Defeat the invaders by tapping the screen wherever you want a spell to hit. Enemies bit by spells or near the impact zone will be damaged. Spells use magic energy called mana when used. Your mage will slowly regain mana over time, but if you mana drops below the spell's cost, you will be temporarily unable to defend the tower. Keep a close eye on your mana gauge as if the enemies reach the tower, they will attack and damage it. Tap avatar icon to open your character sheet. From here, you can increase your attributes after leveling up, examine your damage output or view the amount of enemies killed. You can also equip armors, trinkets and weapons to improve your attributes, spell's damage or spell's cooldown.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Infinite Warrior Battle Mage android codes: when you defeat the invaders, you'll gain experience points and your experience bar slowly fills up. When the experience bar is full, you will gain a level. As a reward, you earn power point to raise your stats and magic point to unlock new spells or improve available spells. Defeated enemies have a chance to drop treasure, arcane dust or potions. To collect any loot, simply tap it. Potions will be used instantly and equipment will be added to your backpacks. Equipment can be used to improve your battle mage's stats. All pieces. Have a color associated to them specifying their rarity: common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary. Check your backpack often to equip your new items. When your bag is full, you can destroy the equipment's piece using the Anvil to retrieve arcane dust.

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