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    Ambition of the Slimes android, ios hack codes

    At first, let's learn the basic battle system in a simple stage. Basic ways to battle is to take over an enemy unit by slime, and manipulate the enemy. You can fight as slime, but usually it is difficult to beat enemy. To proceed with the battle advantage, attributes and ability of unit is important, but in this stage you do not need think of it still. But, you should remember that the high terrain location have advantage in battle. Then start the battle! Game data will be automatically saved.

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    Welcome game Ambition of the Slimes! Tap the destination block, and press the move button. Press the wait button if you do not want to move. To specify the destination block, you can tap the block or you can drag a finger cursor. First stage might easy, but next stage will become more difficult. Knack of victory is to take over an enemy before being defeated. So you had better move slimes carefully to prevent attacked by the enemy. Sometimes you had better wait for the enemy to come closer. Little slimey – the most mediocre slime. Use ability slow that make the enemy's movement dull. Armor that covers the head with armor, because the slime is difficult to enter the mount, it is difficult to take over. But there are some ways to take over such an enemy. One of the way is to use the slime sticky. Sticky has a special ability. After you use command sticky to enemy, enemy cannot move for a while. And you can take over that enemy with a 100% possibility.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Ambition of the Slimes android codes: let's learn the attribute of unit. There are 3 types of attribute, fire, water and grass. Water is stronger than fire, fire is stronger than grass. It is important to keep in mind to fight against the enemy that you have advantage. And when you take over the enemy, if the unit you take over has same attributes, it takes a big plus correction to attack power and defense. So, you should try to take over the enemy of the same attributes. You might struggle to win if you are not concerned in attribute. When you try to attackm if you have advantage of the attribute, “down” is displayed. Armor in this stage is very strong, so you have no chance to victory except taking over him by using sticky. This is the last. Do your best!

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