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    Hacked Knight Fighter android, ios

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    Knight Fighter android, ios hack codes

    The yellow Turban forces led by Zhang Jiao has waged war against the imperial Court. The war spread to a small village near the border. Yellow Turban army is marching toward us menacingly. We'd better run for our lives. Click arrow keys and move the character to the yellow arrow. Click on normal attack key to kill enemy soldier. Hold normal attack key to automatically attack. Use skills during normal attacks to trigger combos. Combos can make battles more efficient! Liu Bei successfully repelled the Yellow Turban army and saved many villagers.

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    Welcome game Knight Fighter! You received a tactic book wrapped in a piece of blood stained cloth with written on it: seven years of war lost on blink on an eye, leaving only broken swords and blood on the wind. I can do nothing but carve my grief with the broken blade facing the setting sun. After giving mother a proper funeral, you decided to join Liu Bei's party and look for your missing sister. Hunter – high movement, high explosiveness. Blade master – good offense and defense abilities. Dragon master – high defense, great power. More famous officer means higher drop rate of cards of high star rank. Ornaments obtained during battles can be used for equipping or refining. Upgrade your skills to achieve combo effect!

    Secrets cheat gameplay Knight Fighter android codes: legendary ornaments provide set bonus. Claim rewards within the day or they may be overwritten. Equip ornaments to increase your power level. Elite stage stamina is restored by 1 every 5 minutes until full. Raise your dragon to unlock more beasts. Eliminate all enemies in 2 minutes. Send dumplings to your friends to boost your friendship. A strong boss appeared? Kill him for great rewards! Reach 3 star to earn skill points! It's a good idea to use different skill sets again different bosses. Defense all attacks, survive all waves. Randomly pick one of the properties of the ornament on the right and transfer it to the ornament on the left.

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