Spellsouls Duel of Legends
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    Spellsouls Duel of Legends android, ios hack codes

    Your spell casting has charged a summoning rune. Place it onto the battlefield to begin summoning archer minions! Clear the path to the enemy spell caster by destroying their towers. Spells can be cast by either dragging or tapping to where you want them cast. Towers protect each spell caster. They must be destroyed to make the spell caster vulnerable to attacks. Spell resistance diminishes the effect of enemy spells.

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    Welcome game Spellsouls Duel of Legends! The minions are clashing in the center of the arena. Tip the balance by dragging the Shackle spell to enemy minion. As your mana builds, use it to cast spells on either friendly or enemy minions to take control of the battle. Cast spells by dragging them onto the battlefield. Place summoning runes to spawn more minions to fight your enemies. Summoning runes are charged by casting spells. Each battle awards a chest, but only chests from victory will grant experience. You need 10 or more cards to edit your deck. Fireball – deal damage to target and ignite surrounding enemies. Ignite deals 15% damage over 5 seconds.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Spellsouls Duel of Legends android codes: speed-up – increase movement and attack speed by 50% for 10 seconds. Chain lightning – deal damage to up to 3 enemies in chain. Stun the last minion. Shock wave – damage shock stricken enemies for 60 and stun them for 1 second. Saving grace – heal your minion for 100 health and push nearby enemies back. Exploit enemy weaknesses and protect your minions by picking lanes. Spells can be cast by either dragging or tapping to where you want them cast. Ameryl's special ability stuns enemy minions. Place a summoning rune to trigger it. Spell can be cast only on an enemy minion.

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