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    Hacked Elgard android, ios

      List of letter secret codes in the cheat game:
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    • mount — bI3Uet ;

    • gems crystal — eR9OIA ;

    • gold — Sq3EI9 ;

    • unlimited stamina energy — bXhl5n ;

    • extract — dlm4QW ;

    • cubits — dm3xJ2 ;

    • gold slimes — 4Se8sy .

    Elgard android, ios hack codes

    The elementalist is a reliable comrade who ensures the survival who ensures the survival of her party by employing Spirits, healing her friends, and casting support magic. Assassins – appear out of the shadows, and just as quickly disappear back into them. Those enemies that know her, are usually smart enough to gear her. Hunters – specialize in trapping and archery. She keeps her enemies at a distance with her superior vision and special arrows. Priestesses devote their bodies and souls to God. Through the holy powers bestowed upon her, she vanquishes evil in his righteous name.

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    Welcome game Elgard! The knight boasts unparalleled defense that renders him the last man standing in battle. His greatest strengths are his powerful defense and ability. Swordman – with the highest physical attack power of any class, the swordsman uses his raw strength to slaughter his enemies. Gunners – use all manner of firearms and unique secondary weapons in conjunction with a variety of long ranged skills to eliminate multiple enemies. Sorceresses use their magic to command the elemental forces of nature. She wields the greatest magic of all the classes, and her many spells unleash the devastating.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Elgard android codes: you can attach gold or items on mail, but you'll need to pay a mall fee. Use the analog control pad on the left to move in all directions. Use the attack button on the right to engage attack motion, press the button repeatedly or hold down the button for continuous attack. The sub action button on the right engages in class specific action. Click slot button on the bottom right corner to open skill registration. Inventory can be registered with the same way on the inventory menu instead skill menu. When you satisfy all the clear requirements in a combat field, then you can move on to the next map. The clear requirements are first displayed when you enter the map. Specific device – you must destroy a specific device, such as the shield stone or switch to clear the map. The wrap gate that appears when the map is cleared is indicated with a yellow dot on the map.

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