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    Hacked Heroes Above android, ios

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    Heroes Above android, ios hack codes

    Welcome, captain! It's nice to be back home! Let's rest up at our Headquarters. Welcome to the healing spring, captain! This is where your crew can recover from injuries so they can battle once more. Select your crew members that need healing. Once the first hero is healed, we will immediately attend to the next one. You can use your gems to speed things up! You're ready to set sail, Captain! A new adventure awaits! We always need to have six crew members on ship. When your hero is already low on health boost it to its elite form.

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    Welcome game Heroes Above! An enemy ships is near! Can you defeat it? Destroy enemy crystal! Your enemies may try to attack your ship while you are away. That is why you need to make sure your defense is set! When you are away, other Captains can attack and plunder your ship. Don't worry, Captain! I'll take care of the ship while you're away. You'll need to leave instructions for your first mate so she can defend your ship effectively. When defending, your heroes will be summoned whenever your ship has enough mana. Placing units in front of your crystal is a good way to protect it.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Heroes Above android codes: a hero's legendary form unlock new abilities in battle. Priest – she can heal other heroes in battle. Won't she be easily attacked if she's in front? Remove priestess from the defense log, and summon the she again. This time where she won't be attacked easily. Beef up our defenses by summoning more heroes. Remember that barbarians can only attack once she ships have clashed. Placing an archer behind the barbarian will protect him from most attacks. Barbarians can take up a lot of damage but you still need a priestess to keep them alive. If all your units are in place, save our defense plan and go back to island. Train your hero to make it stronger!

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