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    Hero Buster android, ios hack codes

    A time channel called chaos appeared out of no where it carried powerful trespasser into this world which they don't belong to... Hero is what they are called, the world has been torn apart by these forces. The very few righteous people remained use the technique to clone the real hero to rescue the world from those evil heroes. This is we do in hunter's guild, we create heroes to hunt heroes...

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    Welcome game Hero Buster! Let's stock up some pots, we can buy that from the shop. Attack with your team reduce the enemy's health to 0. Click the avatar below the hero will attack. Combat is about taking turns to attack. There is a chance to get health and SP balls when attacking. Those are quite important during long fights. Try click the enemy at the back, this will lock the target. Use the right attribute to increase damage. Enemy attack will reduce HP, you lose when HP, try to avoid it. Enhance can increase hero experience and level, other than that.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Hero Buster android codes: defeat powerful boss with friend's help. Don't forget the pots, that's a newbie mistake. All of our heroes will attack first, when we finish the enemy will start attacking. Enemy has a chance to drop SP and HP gem on hit. Use the right attribute to win easily! Use the wrong attribute will deal very little damage. Recruiting will need friend point or diamond. Click hero list to check detail. 5 member in a team, leader can activate leader skill. Use leader skill well for greater power.

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