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  • Cheats, hack Angry Birds Dice: treasure chest, gold, gems, skill card, joy, level up, festive season, vip status. Hacked game Angry Birds Dice bug codes android, ios. (New York, United state)

    Hacked Angry Birds Dice android, ios

      List of letter secret codes in the cheat game:
    • hack vip - lLQgpx ;

    • festive season — bI3Uet ;

    • level up — eR9OIA ;

    • joy — Sq3EI9 ;

    • gems — bXhl5n ;

    • gold — dlm4QW ;

    • skill card — dm3xJ2 ;

    • treasure chest - 4Se8sy .

    Angry Birds Dice android, ios hack codes

    Discount - for one turn, pay 50% less on tolls. Lottery ticket – receive 10% or 70% of start joy. Snipe down - Steal 2% of start joy of property from selected opponent. Overcome or prevent difficulties by using right skill cards. Use skills for your advantage. Skill cards are usable in your turn. Nest egg – receive 30% of start joy. Drag – bring an opponent within 2 blocks ahead to my current location. Rich get richer – for 3 turns, boost all level 4 town's toll by 200%. Triplet – roll 3 dice on the next turn. Courtesy visit – for 5 turns, boost toll by 200% on a town where my character stands. Not for sale – for 3 turns, selected town becomes “un takeover able”.

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    Welcome game Angry Birds Dice! Start block benefit – when passing the start block, passer's town level increases by 1. You win, when enemy player goes bankrupt! Roll the dice and move accordingly. Town is built, when landed on empty block. Toll must be paid, when landed on opponent's town. Town that's farthest from start is the one with highest toll. You town level grows, when passing by start. The more joy you have, higher the class you can enter. You can get better skill cards, when buying skill pack at higher classes.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Angry Birds Dice android codes: your dice gauge control will influence the outcome of the roll. Defeat all pigs and get new character for free. Levels up when passing by start. When two dice have same number, it's called dice double. When you have dice double, you roll the dice once more. All different characters to choose from! First level up comes free. Higher the level, higher the stats. Skill card available to everyone from day 1. let's check new skills that will be available, when you reach advanced class. Festive season - Most effective when used to increase tolls when you have plenty of properties. Use it towards the end of the match to turn the tables.

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