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    Dragon Ace android, ios hack codes

    Alright, let's create your Starter Deck. I'll give you 13 Monster Cards. Choose your favorite card to be your Ace Card. Do you like the cards I've prepared for you? I'll guide you through the game. You can see the difficulty level. Let's start with the easier one! You need Stamina Point (STP) to enter a dungeon! Your STP will automatically be restored little by little. Use a Oregon Gem to instantly restore your STP . The monsters will get progressively stronger as you level up and advance to the higher level dungeons. Therefore, it is quite beneficial to have friends to Invite to battle alongside you.

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    Welcome game Dragon Ace! A mystical world where the basics of traditional card games mesh with the interactive combat of fighting games, bringing the ultimate action-filled strategical arena. You need to form a Combo with your teammates to attack them! Select a card before the Time runs out, or else a card will be selected automatically! It's really easy to form a card with combo! Just try to select a card the same number. Then, slide it Combo! Remember, there's a chance that the monster will turn into a card every time you defeat it! You need to cooperate with 4 other players and pick a card to form a Combo. Dragon Ace Is a relatively easy game to learn as the hierarchy of card hands follows that of Poker. AM five players on a team must cooperate to form a combo and deal the most damage to monsters. These are the game basics! Remember it well!

    Secrets cheat gameplay Dragon Ace android codes: add friends and get dragon gems! You can add 10 more friends. You can choose to play with other players or with your friends. Monsters and cards have three elements: fire, water, and forest. Each element has its own strength and weakness. Try to remember them all! The damage win increase if your card's element is stronger than the monster's! This is important in battle so don't forget! It's always possible for you to clear any dungeon even without the help of friends. You will always have four other comrades, whether it be Al or fellow solo players that you've been randomly matched with. That's the end of my tutorial! Now you can play with other players!

    Tips Dragon Ace: For beginners, we'll start off by battling the monsters in the lowest level dungeon. You can easily convert these monsters into cards and use them to strengthen your deck before moving on to harder dungeons. As you level up and clear dungeons, you'll unlock more dungeons that get Increasingly hard and challenging. Try joining the dungeon with a friend! Working together with one or more companions may give you an easier time. If you have push notifications on, you can also choose to receive news about the game and be alerted whenever there is a Surprise Dungeon so you do not miss out on any of the fun and bonuses!

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