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    War of Krystal android, ios hack codes

    Observers – servants of the creator inherit the creator's will to maintain the law of the universe. Soulnaga – challengers to the order of the universe, they found that the rest will of the god can be turned into powerful energy. After thousands of years of research Crist – a planet that contains massive remnants from the will of the god was discovered. They built up the Revered tower to obtain the creator's will. Observers noticed the irregularity and thus arrived on this planet. Affected by the will of both sides people chose different faiths and started to kill each other. The revered tower destroyed in the end they crystal that was used to obtain god's will was also broken in an explosion.

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    Welcome game War of Krystal! The exploded crystals scattered everywhere and the world entered a chaotic era of darkness. That is how the legend of the Son of destiny starts....Knight – excellent defenders with balanced offense and defense. Mages have high magical defense and excel at health absorption and mass attack. Hunters have high attack, dodge and critical hit, but are low in health and defense. You can replace the rewards with crystals. When you encounter a strong opponent, change the formation may help you defeat him.

    Secrets cheat gameplay War of Krystal android codes: in the wild map you can move your character by sliding your fingers or by automatically path finding. Keep upgrading sky and enhancing equipment to face more powerful enemies. During the event, top up any amount for the first time to claim double crystals as well as assistant mary for free. The more you top up, the more crystals you can claim. Don't miss it! Check in every day to win massive gold and crystals! Invite your friends to join this wonderful adventure!

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