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  • Cheats, hack Sage Fusion: action points, rare heroes, level up, summon, upgrade, weapons, skill point, vip status. Hacked game Sage Fusion bug codes android, ios. (New York, United state)

    Hacked Sage Fusion android, ios

      List of letter secret codes in the cheat game:
    • hack action points - biDYwi;

    • rare heroes — lZqzyR ;

    • summon — lqu3p6 ;

    • level up — EPzzZl ;

    • upgrade — uyK7Bz ;

    • weapons — gaqaY2 ;

    • skill point— SUr4zX ;

    • vip status - HbU0QG .

    Sage Fusion android, ios hack codes

    If the attack hits before you get to tap the shield icon, the icon will disappear and you won't defend the attack at all, so don't wait too long. Defending attacks is important not only because it reduces the damage you receive, but also because it recovers your action points. The amount of action points you recover is directly proportional to the amount of damage absorbed by defending. Any action you do in battle costs a certain number of action points, so you should try to recover as many action points as possible from enemy attacks.

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    Welcome game Sage Fusion! Your enemy tries to defend your attack. To increase the effectiveness of your attack and break the enemy's defend, tap the shield icon that appears on the target as you attack. But don't tap the icon right away. The closer you tap it to the moment the attack hits the enemy, the more effective your attack will be. However, if the attack hits before you get to tap the shield icon, the icon will disappear and the enemy will successfully defend your attack, so don't wait too long either. Just as the enemy can defend your attack, so can you defend the enemy's attack.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Sage Fusion android codes: during your turn in battle, you can tap an action once to view its description. You can see the number of action points required to perform the selected action. If the menu item's border flashes blue, you can tap it again to execute the action. Tap the enemy's avatar to select your target. Some types of items can be used by all characters, while some others can only be used by certain characters. For example, grenades can be used by Florence, but not by Vientiane. To defend the enemy's attack, tap the shield icon that appears on your character as the enemy attacks. Again, the closer you tap it to the moment the enemy's attack hits your character, the more effectively you will defend, and more damage will be reduced.

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