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    CrushMon android, ios hack codes

    Welcome to Sky Island Let me teach you a couple of things while I have you here. First, equipping gear. Here's an Ancient-grade weapon. Weapon slot – here you can see your currently equipped gear. Each slot has a different type of gear. You can enhance your abilities by equipping more powerful gear. The towns people of Sky island will give you quests from now on. You'll acquire rewards and experience when you complete quests. In menu you can view the quests list, quest summary, and reward information. Once you accept the quest, the sky island residents will tell you about the quest themselves.

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    Welcome game CrushMon! Ares – a swordsman who has fought against the darkness since he was very young. Kain (archer) – a top marksman who remains coolheaded no matter the situation. Tyria (mage) – a solitary magician who fights to stop the root of darkness. Marin (hammerer) – a small girl who wields her heavy hammer better than any grown man. Dungeon entry screen – from the left, you can see the dungeon's required stats, achievement rewards, repeat rewards, purchasable buffs, etc. You can receive a reward chest upon completing a dungeon successfully. The chests are full of items, but they're of use if you don't open them. The number of storage slots is limited, you won't be able to carry more chests than the number of slots.

    Secrets cheat gameplay CrushMon android codes: if you win the fight in an asynchronous duel, you can get the key. In an Async PVP, you can earn ranking rewards once every two weeks. Once you make friends, you may be able to use their pets. The number of required keys differs for each reward chest. Passive buffs become more powerful when you collect items from the collection and level up. After enough enemies have been defeated to fill your rage gauge, you can activate rage mode. During rage mode, you gain increased movement speed and attack speed. Every time you exchange chests in a chest exchange, the amount of equipment needed increases. You need to switch the chest from the waiting status to the open status. You can get the rewards once the timer on the top runs out. You can open a chest at any as long as you have enough gems or keys.

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