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    Hacked LINE The World android, ios

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    • gold ingots — 2weezX ;

    • dragon stone - 1sfrQG .

    LINE The World android, ios hack codes

    This is the internal part of the divine tree. According to legend, it connects the mortal world with heaven. Look like the Ragin army is already here. We need act fast. We can't let them prevail! Upon meeting the enemy, attack intelligently. Use roll to avoid monster's attacks. You also have temporary invulnerability. Double tap to roll and evade attack. Pet level cannot be more than five levels above character's! When a monster is continuously attacked, it may be paralyzed, and the word “smash” will appear over the monster's head. With your finger, quickly swipe in the direction of the enemy to decapitate! Each swipe will consume 1 energy point. Once the word “smash” appears above the enemy's head, you can use the art of killing.

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    Hacked version, cheats codes - contact us: The United States of America (USA) New York City, 228 Park Ave S, NY 10003-1502

    Welcome game LINE The World! Archer – she had precise archery skills, was knowledgeable regarding trapping, and was both agile. Sword mage – well versed in fencing and the natural world. Slay demons to defend his values! Mage – master of the three magical arts: water, fire and thunder. Controller of the battle. Templar – he was a gifted warrior, leader in battles, and protector of the dynasty. Releasing skills uses energy. Restore with normal attacks. If you feel the skill is too complicated, you can turn on “auto-aim”. After activating auto-aim, the game automatically choose where to release your skills. Master, if you would like to rest awhile, you can turn on “auto”. The game will automatically control your character.

    Secrets cheat gameplay LINE The World android codes: enter different game mode from green stone. Double click to roll and evade an enemy attack. Roll to effectively dodge attacks. Cannot find quests online? Click the guide. Two finger control, scaling perspective! Pinch in or out control the zoom! When in combat, use your skills to deal devastating blows to the enemy. Normal attack allows energy recovery.
    Skills (must be placed on the shortcut key to use):
    Great winds – cast a pell and wield a sword to attack a target and cause damage. Delusion – leap onto a target and attack around with a sword. Cold water – cast a spell and summon large ice to attack a target in a directed area. Samurai – increase magic defense, dodge rate and convert damage to health. Dazzling flame – quickly thrust the sword forward, causing damage to a target.

    Tips LINE The World: swipe to the enemy to smash deal massive damage and heal. Decapitating uses 1 energy point and deal damage to monsters, killing them with one blow. Can also restore energy. Successful decapitating targets can cause great damage to them and even inflict instant death. It also helps you to recover health! You don't need the equipment guide to sell or exchange large amounts of money. If you clearance rating of dungeon reaches level 5 or above, you can raid with one tap. Equipment can be forged at the blacksmith shop.

    how to enter hack cheats LINE The World.

  • how and where enter
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