Star Conflict Heroes secret
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    Hacked Star Conflict Heroes android, ios

      List of letter secret codes in the cheat game:
    • hack silver - ceFDwi;

    • merc tags — hh67yR ;

    • starter pack — g3bbp6 ;

    • premium container — d4o8Zl ;

    • blueprint — uyr5Bz ;

    • firmware points — f3hyY2 ;

    • vip status — 2weezX ;

    • unlimited energy - 1sfrQG .

    Star Conflict Heroes android, ios hack codes

    For millennia empires force their own rules, but only leave chaos behind. Though chaos is not that bad, especially for adventurers like us. I am the captain of a smuggler cruiser. I have two loyal assistants, and the best pilots in free space, unleash the drones! When all's too good – expect trouble – radar's detecting a strange signal. My suspicions never betray me, but the need for adventures always prevails heading to object!
    Cap? A trade vessel is on the radars, with no vital signs. The signal is still far away, and this may be easy money. Shall we take a look? Looks like a trap, captain. We still have a long way to go. Might as well make it useful. Roger, officer! Captain, the ship dragon is requesting permission to launch. Missiles are ready! Pilot is waiting for your signal to attack! Press the ability's icon. And now it's time for heavy artillery! Tap the super ability icon and drag it to the enemy.

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    Welcome game Star Conflict Heroes! Disintegrator – deals damage to a single target. Missile volley – a wide 5 missile volley with each dealing damage. Engineering module – restore pts for all allies. Two whole containers have been shipped: a regular and a premium one. Press the button to check the containers. Simple container – used to transport modules, resources and ship blueprints. Premium containers are used to transport not only rare resources, but also elite ship blueprints. Buy 10 containers and get a guaranteed random ship.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Star Conflict Heroes android codes: press on the mission to study it. Tap the ship's icon to prepare it for battle. Just give the order to improve the main caliber, cap. Mount the parts in a free slot. To improve system performance you need to fill all slots with parts. Standard combat positioning – four ships. Starter pack – a powerful ship (cerberus) and resources for easy start. Data banks – select the required ship and then tap the data bank to increase the ship's level. Reaper is the pride of pirates, the bane of empire and federation! A great find, captain. By building and ubgrading ships with blueprints, you can assemble a truly versatile fleet.

    how to enter hack cheats Star Conflict Heroes.

  • how and where enter
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