Lord of Zombies
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    Lord of Zombies android, ios hack codes

    A time long long ago, in a far far away kingdom. There was a royal cemetery. Nobody knew there was an ancient hero...no< a zombie lord who was at rest, deep underground. He has now risen! “This land belongs to me!” With his infected zombie pawns at his side, the evil conqueror begins his journey.
    Click on location to check the information of this level. Click start button to enter the level. Slide on left side of screen to move your character, your zombie pawn will follow you. Click repeatedly attack button to launch a combo attack. Your zombie pawns will attack any nearby enemies at will, but they'll return to you if they go too far away.

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    Welcome game Lord of Zombies! You can view your and your zombie pawns' health at the top left corner. Bottom items you can use. Click here for the health potion to restore you team's health. The energy bar in top right corner will increase every time your team attacks an enemy. Click on it to trigger invincible status. During this status your team is invincible, their attack power and speed are enhanced, and cooldown time for skill is also reduced! Don't forget to use it when you're in danger! When you kill a human enemy, your evil power may infect his body and turn him into your zombie pawn! Start killing enemies to expand your team! Zombie menu – here you can change the zombie pawn fighting besides you. Drag the zombie from the reserve team to the battle squad to switch.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Lord of Zombies android codes: if you quit the arena in the middle of fight, rewards will be given based on current cleared waves. New zombies can't fight yet and will leave the battlefield, you can put him on your team when you have finished the level. Drag the zombie you won in battle to your team. When you leave menu page, the zombies who have not been picked by the team will be sold. In multiplayer mode, just kill the big zombie doesn't give you any score. You need to pick up the stars he drops. The more players in the match, the stronger the big zombie is. Big zombie will drops stars every time he loses certain amount of health, and drops much more when he's defeated. Zombie lord gets skill points when he level up or hack cheats. You can learn new skill on menu page, or spend some mithril to reset the skill points that you have used.

    Tips Lord of Zombies: summon menu – here you can spend mithril to summon characters! Normal summon will give you a random star zombie. Zombie king menu – here you can switch the equipment for you and your pawns, or upgrade your pawns and their weapons. Zombie pawns can't level up through battle experience. When you select a zombie pawn, click upgrade button to spend some gold coins to increase his level. The zombie lord evil power also comes from zombie pawns around him! Zombie pawns in your battle squad will improve your attributes, the higher level they are at, the stronger you are. When it is difficult for you to win a victory, you can try to enhance your zombies. Different classes of characters pawns make differences on the lord's attribute improvement, choose the character pawn which suits you the most.

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