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    Eternal Card Game android, ios hack codes

    The eternal throne stands empty. Five scions of an ancient family maneuver for power; each has a claim upon the throne, but the future remains in doubt. Change is coming to Myria. Where will you stand? With spells and swords, six guns and subterfuge, join the battle for eternal throne. You journey begins now. Play power cards to play units and spells. Summons units to attack your opponent. Click your unit to select it to attack.

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    Welcome game Eternal Card Game! The Cabal are sneaky, but if you run off their boss, the rest will turn tail and run too. Show them that they'll find easier picking someplace else. The skybreak clan has managed to saddle up some enormous flying serpents. You never know where you'll find an ally, and we could certainly use them.
    Battle through a gauntlet of increasingly powerful enemy AI opponents. Defeat the final boss for the grand prize! You should play a power card each turn. Save fast spells to surprise the enemy. Use buff spells on your own units. Permanent modifications persist when units die or change zones, both positive and negative. The board: any card in play 9not in your deck, hand or void) is on the board. The most common uses of the term advantage ( who has better units on the board) and card advantage (who has more cards in hand).

    Secrets cheat gameplay Eternal Card Game android codes: tap units to select them for attacking. Flying character – can only be blocked by other units with flying. Entomb – does something when it is killed. Charge – can attack the turn it is played. Drag your unit to a enemy to block. Flash fire – deal damage to an enemy equal to your influence. Overwhelm: when this kills enemy units, leftover damage hits the enemy player. Quickdraw: when this kills a blocking unit, the blocker doesn't deal damage back. Curde – the cost of each card in the deck, mapped to a graph. Aggro curves have many low cost cards and few high cost cards. Fun trick: having a weapon with overwhelm gives spells overwhelm too! This flash fire will splash extra damage dealt to your opponent. Tokens: an unofficialerm used by some card players to describe cards generated by other card effects, like Grenadin.

    Tips Eternal Card Game: relic weapons are attachments that attach to you, and are destroyed by anything that kills attachments. They also break when armor is reduced to 0. Extra armor from cards like Rolant's Favor increases their usefulness. Aegis blocks any one spell or effect cast by your enemy – but it won't block your own spells! Keep this in mind if you are planning to use a card like lightning storm or harsh rule. Try to prioritize Aegis creatures when using weapons. A removal spell on a unit with a weapon is a 2 for 1 trade – but with Aegis, it usually takes two cards to get rid of your unit! Even when you can't do damage with Auric sentry, always think about whether you can attack with it. The Warcry is what's good here, and it will always be ready to block after.

    Hack cheats Eternal Card Game: Aside – this card is a barrel of fun when paired with hero of the people. Try it sometime! The stun from Rebuke last for three rounds: the round you played it, your opponents next round, and the round after. Two missed blocks, one missed attack. Fun trick: if you really, rally need to Vanquich a creature, a cad like finest hour can give it enough attack to quality. Likewise, you can stop a Vanquish by reducing a units power with a card like Detain. Use sparingly! Always try to think about your first three to four turns when evaluating a hand for a muligan. Stronghold control: a mostly unitless deck that stalls the board using stronghold visage and eye of winter in order to get to the externally late game. Capitalizes on eight cost finishers like channel the tempest.

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