Ace of Knight
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    Hacked Ace of Knight android, ios

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    • blessing stone — ds3ezX ;

    • stage clear tickets - mn7rQG .

    Ace of Knight android, ios hack codes

    Look, the gem energy has affected the speies on the mainland, and humans have gone out on a limb. For survival, kill these monsters. Use the attack button to defeat the monsters in front of you. Use potion to recover your character's health and mana. Showing you capabilities in kingdom if you want to rule the whole server! Click character avatar to enter into main menu. Click on skill button to enter into the skill interface. Click upgrade button to upgrade your skill level. The first bottle of recovery agent for each stage is free. Occupying kingdom is the highest honour to a guild.

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    Welcome game Ace of Knight! Warrior – skilled in melee attack, weapon – two handed sword. Character with high endurance and have few chances to receive a critical hit. Mage – skilled in range attack, weapon -wand. Character with high attach and low defense, but use powerful skill. Archer – range attack, weapon – bow and arrow. Character with high agility and strong survivability. Assassin – melee attack, weapon – dual blade. Hero with agility and high damage who have strong arts martial abilities. Abyss can let you get many things you want ( such as gold coin, maya, knowledge, etc). You can get reward in towers infinite every day. Blessing stone – used to reinforce your equipment on the reinforce interface.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Ace of Knight android codes: necklace may add skill level and break the limit of level 20!using diamond will increase success rate during equipment reinforce. Accept quest will guide you to the stage. Is fiend not cute enough? Click small triangle on guard beast to switch to angel! When you have a quest on a dungeon, notification will appear! Semi auto fight use normal attack, auto fight use skill. The equipment raid of battle hall can output purple suit. Don't forget to upgrade skills after level up. After quality appears in Maya, don't forget to click attributes. With the demons getting closer to the city you will need to improve your gear since their getting stronger and stronger. Hack a diamond gift bag who contain precious item, who can be obtained with few diamonds.

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