Injustice 2 cheating
  • Cheats, hack Injustice 2: evolve, level up, gold coins, unlimited stamina energy, hero shards, credits, gems, gold chest. Hacked game Injustice 2 bug codes android, ios. (New York, United state)

    Hacked Injustice 2 android, ios

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    • level up — j5u7yR ;

    • gold coins — oipbp6 ;

    • unlimited stamina energy — vfq8Zl ;

    • hero shards — 60h5Bz ;

    • credits — vf8yY2 ;

    • gems — ds3ezX ;

    • gold chest - mn7rQG .

    Injustice 2 android, ios hack codes

    Welcome to new version android game. where you can assemble your own team of superheroes and battle your way to collecting all of your favorites from the DC universe1 Batman, Superman. Wonder Woman, The Flash and many more heroes await you in this fighting & RPG game. Cat woman is armed with claws that can cause bleeding damage over time. Scarecrow can disarm, preventing any use of any special attacks. The Flash can land a flurry of blows in a blink of an eye. Avoid cyborg's plasma ball, which drains your power meter. Predator Batman – upgraded with cutting edge Wayne technology. Predator batman calls in the batwing to strafe all opponents lowering their health. Batman's gadgets can also stun opponents, leaving them defenseless and unable to attack.

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    Welcome game Injustice 2! Campaign – battle through the campaign to unlock new heroes. Arena go online and test your team. Training missions – push forward in weekly battles. Operations – send team members to fight worldwide. Let's go to the store to unlock a third Hero with all of those power gems. Battle menu – is the best place to get your team set for battle. Tap fight button when your team is ready. Daily objectives – check here for your achievements. Completing them gives awesome rewards. Warrior quenn wonder woman – combines both attack and defense. She raises the attack of her entire team. Wonder Woman can also reflect damage back on the attacker with her shield block. Armored superman – armored in a kryptonian battlesuit, Superman is completely invulnerable to one ability attack, as well as improving the defense of his entire team. Superman can also reflect damage back on the attacker with his super block.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Injustice 2 android codes: swipe right to rush attack, swipe left to evade. Swipe up to jump attack, down to crouch attack. Hold block to reduce incoming damage. Swipe left then tap to use ranged attack. Hero chest – unlock to obtain a hero to add to your team. Store – best place to unlock items and more heroes. Unbreakable cyborg – a high damage hero, Cyborg has low health but can revive himself from 0 health. Cyborg can also drop a plasma field which power drains opponents. Catwoman – the ultimate thief, Selina Kyle steals her opponent's power for her own use. In battle, her diamond edged claws cause bleeding damage over time. Scarecrow – armed with a vicious hook and chain Scarecrow can stop an opponent from TAG out, stunning them instead. Scarecrow's fear gas mentally breaks opponents. Disarming them so they cannot use abilities.

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