Monster Kingdom 2
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    Monster Kingdom 2 android, ios hack codes

    For hundreds of years, humans and monsters have coexisted peacefully. Trainers led monsters into battle to compete for honor and glory. But now, a new menace, called Grembles, has started to appear. The Grembles attack monsters, infecting them and turning them into more Grembles. Our town is under attack! I marked the places where things are happening. Use one of my monsters and help out! Let me show you how to use your monsters real quick. Your monster's abilities are down at the bottom. Le's try using an attack by swiping up on the attack icon.

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    Welcome game Monster Kingdom 2! Monsters also have special abilities. Special abilities use your monster's mana, but attack doesn't. Monster training is more fun when you know what they can do. Garmr – dwells on the top of the highest mountain peaks, where he works on mastering his ice and water abilities. Torvald – forged in the shadow of mystic mountains, Torvald comes from a royal line of monsters. Raz – enjoys long walks on the beach, chasing small animals, and working out. He's still working on doing his first push-up. Tournament token – allows entry into a tournament.

    Secrets cheat gameplay Monster Kingdom 2 android codes: swipe left or right to change lanes. Tap on your hero to use your special ability. Hero power – tap the lightning button to trigger it. Swipe up on an ability icon to use an ability. The ultimate spirit cube is guaranteed to free a monster spirit and works on all corrupted monsters! Monsters ca equip items to boost their stats or abilities. You can raise your character's stats even more by leveling them up. When your monster gains enough levels, they can level up their abilities too. Leveling up your abilities makes them cost more mana to use, but they get a lot stronger too. Shield – gives your team a shield which blocks 100% of damage when attacked, up to 120 damage.

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